What is Longhorn PHP?

Longhorn PHP is a tech conference brought to you by members of the PHP community in Austin and beyond. Longhorn PHP is a community-run, regionally focused conference.

When? Where?

The fifth edition of our conference runs November 2-4, 2022. The first day (Thursday) will be a tutorial day, where you can dive deep into important topics. The main conference will be the following 2 days (Friday and Saturday).

Why Attend?

Our main goal as a conference is to equip attendees to be better developers. If you work with developers or alongside developers, we’ll showcase tools and techniques to level up your ability to solve the problems you face every day.

You’ll get to learn from and alongside a diverse group of developers from all over the region, country, and even the globe. Whether you’re a junior developer or an experienced programmer, you’ll be learning alongside your peers.

You’ll get direct access to experts in all aspects of modern web development: security, programming techniques, devops, architecture, database administration, and more.

Social Media & Communication

We are on Mastodon at @longhorn@phpc.social and on Twitter at @longhornphp. Please use the #longhornphp hashtag in your posts!

Who’s Planning Longhorn PHP?

The 2022 conference is being planned by members of the PHP community:

Bee Turland
Bee Turland
Hunter Skrasek
Ian Littman
Jessica Mauerhan

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Longhorn PHP, please reach out to us at info@longhornphp.com.